The Pacific Islands Monthly, commonly known as PIM, appeared in Australia from August 1930 to January 2000; this monthly is now an extraordinary memory of the events and tensions that occurred in the Pacific Ocean. Ask here for download

This website is dedicated to the memory of Marie-Thérèse Danielsson, who was a writer, a pacifist, an environmentalist and an antinuclear activist in the Pacific. Read more...

Bengt Danielsson, Soderhavet
This book in swedish language was published in Stockholm in 1986. We put it on our website because of the remakable illustrations.

Circle Island Tour Guide of Tahiti
Historical landmarks, scenic viewpoints, places haunted by the spirits of Captain Cook, Gauguin, Stevenson, Rupert Brooke and the Bounty mutineers, are all carefully marked for easy identification by giving both the distance from the capital, Papeete, and the name of the district in which they are found... Go for a trip like in 1976

« Moruroa notre bombe coloniale »

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Free books
We offer books for free download as PDF document on demand. Read more...

Tahitian live dictionary

Le Memorial and Tahiti Autrefois new formula
Le Memorial and Tahiti Autrefois are available now as searchable PDF document. Read more...

Jean Guiart’s website
Jean Guiart was born in 1925 in Lyon. He is an anthropologist specialised in Melanesian studies. On his website you will find intersting articles about the Pacific and his books for free download.

Two tributes to Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson by Bruno Barillot in French language
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