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The lectures given by professor François Zewen in 2004 on Phonology of the austronesian languages and in 2007 on Grammar of old javanese confirm the tradition of the University of Hamburg and its Department of Languages and Cultures of Indonesia and the South Pacific, which will celebrate its centennial in 2013. This is where the German linguist Otto Dempwolff had created the idea of an Austronesian language, mother tongue of nearly 1300 languages spoken in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, or 20% of languages spoken on Earth.
The work of archaeologists and geneticists now confirm those of the linguists : the Austronesian world spans two oceans, from Madagascar to Easter Island, Hawai'i and Taiwan (books in German).

Francis Zewen was published by Haere Po in 1987. "Introduction to the language of the Marquesas Islands, the talk of Nukuhiva," was the first textbook contemporary Marquesan language.
Mangarevian-French dictionary published in 1908 - about 100 years ago - the time is right to offer it to enthusiasts of Polynesian languages. "The language of the Gambier has a lot of analogy and forms one [...] with that of New Zealand, Easter Island, [...] of the Cook Islands, Marquesas, and Sandwich and old Tuamotu language. The ancient language of Tahiti still ressembles to it. "
Michel Charleux has provided us with the mangarevian words collected in 1834 by Picpus fathers Caret, Laval and Liausu (book in French).
was published in 1843 by Johann Carl Eduard Buschmann, librarian and member of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin. Made from the word lists collected by Forster (1773, Cook’s second voyage), Marchand, and other navigators like Krusenstern or missionaries, and linguistic work of Wilhelm von Humboldt, Buschmann offers the first scientific study of the etymology of the first Tahitian and Marquesan vocabulary and compares them to the Malay languages (book in French).
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