The CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR is a must for anyone visiting Tahiti. This guide, the "what is what in Tahiti", will help you understand what you see as you drive along. Historical landmarks, scenic viewpoints, places haunted by the spirits of Captain Cook, Gauguin, Stevenson, Rupert Brooke and the Bounty mutineers, are all carefully marked for easy identification by giving both the distance from the capital, Papeete, and the name of the district in which they are found...
The nuclear colonization of French Polynesia: tragic time in these known as heavenly islands that began in 1963, despite strong protests from Polynesian leaders against the implantation of the Centre for nuclear experiments in a Pacific atoll, whose exact name is Mururoa.
Study of Acculturation in French Oceania, Stockholm 1955, French translation by Henri Theureau, 2004 (book available in English and French)
Comprehensive study of the famous mutiny occurred in 1789, London 1963, French translation by Henri Theureau, 2005 (book available in English)
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As attempted in 1937 by Thor Heyerdahl, Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson also wanted to settle in the Marquesas Islands in 1951, but living in Fatu Iva was too difficult. They then settled in a valley near Puamau on the island of Hiva Oa - where Gauguin had already lived. Like Raroia in the Tuamotu Archipelago, these "Forgotten islands of the South Seas" will become their living reality (book in French).
Tahiti autrefois is devoted to the prehistory of the Society Islands. Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson reconstructed the great migrations and ancient way of life in Tahiti from the work of archaeologists, the Journals of the first contacts and artifacts from museums scattered around the world (book in French).
History of French Polynesia in six volumes:
Volume I: 1521-1833, Volume II: 1834-1863, Volume III: 1864-1891, Volume IV: 1892-1913, Volume V: 1914-1939, Volume VI: 1940-1961 (books in French)
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